Tulsa County Court Clerk Don Newberry


Department Head: Kitsy Wyrick

The imaging department is responsible for digital scanning of all documents filed each day in all departments of the Court Clerk’s Office. On average 10,000 documents per day are uploaded to the Oklahoma State Court Network (OSCN) making them available to the public on the internet. Records can be searched by name or by case number.

Many documents can be printed on a customer’s home or office printer. If a document says that it is available at the Court Clerk’s office, it must be requested at the counter in one of the Court Clerk Departments.

The Imaging Department also maintains more than 16,000 rolls of microfilm which contain the images of older cases. At present this microfilm is in process of conversion to digital format. According to State Statutes, back-up copies of this film are stored in a secure off-site facility.