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Victim Protective Orders

General Protective Orders Information

  • In order to request a protective order against someone, that person must have stalked, harassed, committed an act of physical harm, made the threat of physical harm to you, and you must have filed a complaint with law enforcement.
  • Either you or the person you are seeking protection from must live in Tulsa County, or the act you are seeking protection for occurred in Tulsa County.
  • If the person you are seeking relief from is a family member, a former family member, they are or were your significant other or you shared the same household; the paperwork may be completed at the Family Safety Center.
  • The center is located in the basement of the Tulsa Police Headquarters Building at 600 Civic Center at Street Level adjacent to the Tulsa County Courthouse.
  • Protective orders to be filed against any other person must be completed on the 2nd Floor of the Tulsa County Courthouse in the Family Department.
  • ONLY the victim will be admitted to the Family Safety Center. Supporting persons and children should not accompany her/him to the FSC. All entrants will be required to wear a face mask, submit to temperature check and brief COVID exposure survey to gain entry into the Municipal Court Building and the FSC.
  • Generally all paperwork must be completed whether at Family Safety Center or at the Counter by 3:30PM in order to be processed for a judge’s review that day.
  • If you need to include a child or children on your petition for protection, you must be their parent or legal guardian. They must be under the age of 18, they must live with you and you must have legal custody.
  • NOTE a protective order will not determine custody of a child or children.
  • There is no money due at the time of filing of an emergency protective order.

Some of the forms you will need are available here: Protective Order Forms.

  • NOTE: There will be additional forms for you to fill out when you come in that are not referenced here.
  • DO NOT SIGN your paperwork unless you are in front of an official of the Safety Center or the Court Clerk's office.

Information Needed

  • The first and last name of the person you are seeking protection from and as much personally identifying information as you can provide, including current residence or work address.
  • The protective order must be personally served by a law enforcement officer.

Helpful Phone Numbers

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