Tulsa County Court Clerk Don Newberry


Department Head: Geri Bauhaus

The Court Clerk’s Office stores wills for safekeeping according to the provision of law 84 OS § 81.
Probate of an Estate:
Forms may be available in the Law Library or in the Probate Department. It is recommended however that the Executor of an estate seek the advice of an attorney prior to proceeding.
These records are confidential and controlled by privacy provisions in state statute. Only the Attorney of Record, the guardian, ward or qualified abstractors may review the file without a court order.
Adoption records are confidential and require a court order to access. The exceptions are records which have not yet been finalized by the court. These records may be reviewed without court order by the attorney for the petitioner(s). Once a final decree has been issued no records may be accessed without a court order.
Mental Health
All records of mental health cases including guardianship are confidential. A court order is required to access mental health records.

Filing Fees:

  • Adoption: $184.14
  • Conservatorship: $164.14
  • Guardianship: $214.14
  • Relative Guardianship: $67.00
  • Probate: $214.14