Tulsa County Court Clerk Don Newberry

Small Claims

Department Head: Carolyn Parks

The Small Claims Department receives cases for filing that fall primarily in to two areas. Issues surrounding rental property that include but are not limited to:

  • Eviction of Tenants
  • Execution of eviction if granted
  • Removal of Eviction Order (vacate order)
  • Stay of Eviction Order
  • Continuance of Court Action
  • Retrieval of personal property from a rental unit (replevin)
  • Claim for damages

Issues the involve claims for damages or payment of money under $10,000 including but not limited to:

  • Claims for damages or money
  • Asset application and order
  • Garnishment
  • Answer to suit and counter claim
  • Application for contempt citation

Filing Fees must be paid at time of filing.

An attorney is not necessary for parties to initiate a small claims suit and process through court to judgment.